Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Slightly Pink Flag

The Slightly Pink Flag or the Legion of the Mudguard
Jack, Rabbitte
Air: 'The Red Flag' (with apologies to Jim Connell)

The Labour Party’s flag is pink but not as pink as you might think.
They do the best that they can do but their flag is quickly turning blue.
So raise the faded banner high, ours is not to reason why
It flaps around just like a tail - it’s being wagged by Fine Gael.

Of leaders past their praises sing - O’Leary, Rabbite, Quinn and Spring
Come workers raise your champagne glass and toast these heroes of our class.
And best of all in our own time, a leader steadfast and sublime
In letters gold in the Hall of Fame inscribe bold Eamon Gilmore’s name.

The party’s getting muddied like the mudguard on the Blueshirt bike
They carry on without a moan – they’ll never lose their faith in Joan
This saint and martyr in the fight she will defend against the Right
Cut off one arm instead of two  - be grateful she’s protecting you.

They’re doing what they have to do, it hurts them more than it hurts you.
They’re weary now the fight is done - their conscience lost and they have won.
So here ‘s to Labour’s sacrifice, the onward march of little mice
For  Ministers’ pay to hell and back, their motto is “I’m alright, Jack.”

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